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accumulator / аккумулятор, накапливающий сумматор, коллектор
имя существительное
battery, accumulator
накапливающий сумматор
collector, manifold, header, commutator, sewer, accumulator
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a person or thing that accumulates things.
accumulator of capital
Solar radiation passing through the facade is absorbed by water-cooled ceiling panels and the energy transported through a heat exchanger to a heat accumulator which helps warm the house in winter.
Probably the best batsman to have played the modern game, The Don was a relentless accumulator of runs, often at a rapid rate, with a career average of 42 runs an hour.
Trying being the important part of the sentence - his laptop was by turns crashing and telling him the accumulator was empty.
an eight-horse accumulator
24-bit MAC with a 56-bit accumulator with capabilities for double precision modes when necessary
He saw the shot as an accumulator , bat horizontal, manoeuvring the ball around the field.
For many low-income and African American communities, property, the home, is the main accumulator of wealth.
This information in conjunction with steering logic and accumulator registers is used to control the steering and storing of the frame data as it passes through the DMAC to the transmit buffer or from the receive buffer.
The grape is the only fruit of significance that is a tartrate accumulator , and yet it is of critical importance to the wine-maker because of the major part it plays in the taste of the wine.
an accumulator of capital