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accumulative / кумулятивный, накопленный, совокупный
имя прилагательное
cumulative, accumulative
accumulated, cumulative, accrued, stockpiled, accumulative, cumulate
total, aggregate, cumulative, aggregated, collective, accumulative
имя прилагательное
gathering or growing by gradual increases.
the accumulative effects of pollution
The effects will take place very slowly but have an accumulative lasting effect.
However, she died due to the accumulative effect of anorexia on her body.
His renal system, in addition to being weakened from the accumulative effect of many infections, also suffered from his overuse of alcohol.
Pseudoscience is ‘fixed’ or ‘closed’ rather than accumulative and progressive; its statements are not changed to agree with new evidence.
The biggest involved cannabis resin with a street value of almost €250,000 and the accumulative value of the drugs in all five raids now substantially tops €300,000.
The little village is at the heart of the all-conquering green and gold wearers, and with the accumulative passion and strength of all the scattered little townlands and parishes, the power of the Kingdom is a cut above all the rest.
He said: ‘The number keeps going up because the list is accumulative - new names are added while the old ones remain.’
And what they're responding to is the accumulative effect.
The declining trend of reproduction is likely attributable to accumulative effects on those and other prey populations over consecutive years of below-average rainfall.
Not emphasized, however, was the mottled, hardening effect of any fluorides on teeth or the possible accumulative long-term effect of such additions.