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accrue / нарастать, накапливаться, доставаться
accrue, swell
accrue, come, fall, go
(of sums of money or benefits) be received by someone in regular or increasing amounts over time.
financial benefits will accrue from restructuring
they accrue entitlements to holiday pay
Bearing this in mind, you could accrue considerable benefits if you design a tailored incentive scheme for each salesperson - particularly given the small number of staff employed in your case.
Significant savings could accrue from reduced personnel costs, a sizable contributor to operating and support costs.
These savings accrue from improved productivity and safety performance, as well as reduced turnover.
He said the UDM's ostensible affinity to traditional leadership failed to accrue any benefits to the party this time, as it did in the 1999 general election.
Just an example: prior to 2002 the entities had to accrue provisions for bad debts depending on the maturity of the receivables and calculated as a fixed percentage of the debt.
The Air Force has invited students to accrue the benefits from the career opportunities exhibition as a run up to the recruitment rally.
The rate at which directors can accrue benefits is also more generous than the schemes they offer to their staff.
Additional expenses also accrue from the testing of new units needed to complete the transfusion order.
Various tax benefits accrue from the operation of the company.