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accretion / прирост, срастание, увеличение
имя существительное
growth, increase, gain, increment, accretion, augmentation
accretion, concretion
increase, magnification, enlargement, growth, rise, accretion
имя существительное
the process of growth or increase, typically by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter.
the accretion of sediments in coastal mangroves
These details support the theory that the two stars are close enough for accretion to take place and that the companion star is being cannibalised.
That's not what geologists expect from the gradual accretion of crust at plate boundaries, but it could be the handiwork of episodic volcanic outbursts, fed by broad plumes of rock that rose periodically from deep in the mantle.
A quiet work that slowly gathers momentum through accretion of personalities and individual histories, Homestead is the story of a small valley in Austria between 1906 and 1977.
Gentle but steady water movement produced by slow flow through lakes and meandering backwater stream channels provides aeration and slow accretion of alluvial sediments.
In yet another scenario, the so-called binary planet, or co-accretion, hypothesis, the Earth and the Moon all formed at the same time by the accretion of small bodies.
Unfortunately it's weighted down with accretion upon accretion of utterly self-indulgent pomposity.
The desert ends with a steeply shelving cliff against the ocean, where layers of alluvial accretion are exposed like a lesson in geological stratification.
This energy input could have a profound effect on the evolution of the galaxy by triggering the formation of stars, or inhibiting the growth of the galaxy through accretion of matter from intergalactic space.
And since that time, we've seen the gradual accretion of confidence in intervention in the cause of human rights, plus a fairly impressive armory of techniques and accomplices.
You just don't get giant rotating disks from the accretion of small galaxy fragments.