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accrete / обрастать, срастаться, прирастать
accrete, foul
grow together, coalesce, accrete, knit, inosculate, anchylose
adhere, accrete
имя прилагательное
accrete, accreted, fasciated
grow by accumulation or coalescence.
ice that had accreted grotesquely into stalactites
Theory predicts that these disks accrete onto the holes because of friction.
One process is accretion under water - ‘the idea that grains on the sea floor or in living water roll around and sometimes they accrete or grow by adding layers of material,’ explained McSween.
Negotiating context shifts over time proves to be the most difficult, socially and even legally, to let resources accrete value.
As discrete centres of energy, individuals begin, from before birth, to become themselves; to accrete identities and personalities.
Relationships between countries slowly accrete over years and there is always more to be done to strengthen them further and to build bridges to new friendships.
the gas will cool and then accrete to the galaxy's core
Online, audiences or communities don't necessarily build so much as grow or accrete .
We are reverting to the civilization of luggage, and historians of the future will note how the middle classes accrete possessions without taking root in the earth, and may find in this the secret of their imaginative poverty.
Even ‘busy’ surgeons may take a long time to accrete enough performance data to allow valid comparison with their peers, particularly in low volume specialties such as neurosurgery.
It's fascinating to watch the comments accrete in layers as the weeks go by.