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accredited / аккредитованный, облеченный полномочиями, общепринятый
имя прилагательное
облеченный полномочиями
accredited, commissioned
common, conventional, accepted, standard, general, accredited
имя прилагательное
(of a person, organization, or course of study) officially recognized or authorized.
an accredited chiropractic school
give credit (to someone) for.
he was accredited with being one of the world's fastest sprinters
(of an official body) give authority or sanction to (someone or something) when recognized standards have been met.
institutions that do not meet the standards will not be accredited for teacher training
give official authorization for (someone, typically a diplomat or journalist) to be in a particular place or to hold a particular post.
an ambassador accredited to a northern European country
I'd make an appointment with him or another accredited plastic surgeon to discuss your options.
Ah, but don't think that we are presently free of wrong-headed notions originated by trained and accredited scientists.
You can check the list of members on the JUMVEA website, and accredited members will proudly display their membership on their website.
Coaches, athletes, managers and parents are being encouraged to attend the four-day accredited course to promote player safety during the coming winter season.
As of 2003, accredited organizations are expected to engage in at least one proactive risk assessment of a high-risk process.
However, I will tell you that I have a four-year Bachelor's degree from an accredited university with a course concentration in psychology.
The programme, which offers a broad range of courses leading to accredited academic and professional awards as well as recognised training certificates, has enjoyed tremendous success in recent years.
This is an accredited course and is recognised by the Australian Coaching Council.
Women in Governance is a free, accredited course set up by the Richmond Council for Voluntary Service in partnership with its sister agencies in Kingston and Merton, and funded by the Association of Local Government.
Their accredited courses offer very small classes (four people per sailboat!) that last over 30 hours in total.