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accredit / аккредитовать, доверять, приписывать
trust, trust in, confide, entrust, rely on, accredit
attribute, ascribe, assign, impute, credit, accredit
give credit (to someone) for.
he was accredited with being one of the world's fastest sprinters
(of an official body) give authority or sanction to (someone or something) when recognized standards have been met.
institutions that do not meet the standards will not be accredited for teacher training
give official authorization for (someone, typically a diplomat or journalist) to be in a particular place or to hold a particular post.
an ambassador accredited to a northern European country
Meanwhile, the government last week refused to accredit journalists from the BBC and other western countries who wanted to cover the trial.
I mean we're tough, we don't mess around if we find a childcare service is not meeting the right standards for accreditation, we don't accredit them.
We cannot accredit his survival to clinical treatment of neurasthenia, but perhaps his vicarious experience on the mesa with Tom Outland can account for his fortitude.
I accredit my stubbornness to his chromosomes.
Beginning with its April meeting, CoA will accredit internship programs for up to seven years.
He didn't accredit his lawyers to the Hague tribunal because that would mean de facto recognising the court - which he doesn't.
Its remit was, and is, to develop and continuously improve the standards of good practice in franchising and to accredit franchisors that meet these standards.
It is the sole authority to accredit hospitals in Canada and has the monopoly of accreditation activities, which now encompass long-term, mental health and rehabilitation facilities as well as general hospitals.
If an applicant is pursuing a master's degree in another field, such as business administration, that undergoes a national accreditation process, the appropriate body must accredit the degree program.
It already helps to drive up standards, accredit courses and provide advice.