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accounting / учет, отчетность, расчет
имя существительное
accounting, registration, record, stocktaking, tab
calculation, account, estimation, computation, design, accounting
имя существительное
the action or process of keeping financial accounts.
So the benefits of computerised accounting and payroll management are well established.
consider or regard in a specified way.
her visit could not be accounted a success
I think my financial and accounting experience will stand me in good stead for the council finances.
The ailing hospital chain already faces a criminal investigation into its accounting .
Within a year, she got her first promotion, and she's now director of general accounting .
You have a small general accounting practice and you plan to retire in the next ten years.
The profits of a trader for tax purposes are computed using the ordinary principles of commercial accounting .
The company also provides financial accounting and technical helpdesk services to its clients.
They were accused of poor book-keeping and accounting errors and were asked to step aside by the council.
standard accounting practice
Chang sees his role as that of a business advisor, not limited to bookkeeping and accounting .
But you have flouted common sense in matters of good accounting and book-keeping.