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accountant / бухгалтер, счетовод, ответчик
имя существительное
accountant, bookkeeper, booker
accountant, bookkeeper
respondent, defendant, answerer, accountant, indicted, libellee
имя существительное
a person whose job is to keep or inspect financial accounts.
Financial control is not as popular with qualified accountants as it used to be.
He would pass the letter on to his accountant , who would more than likely tell him not to worry.
Ask your accountant to inform your tax office as soon as possible that he or she is dealing with your case.
After that, tax payers will have to employ an accountant or work out for themselves how much they owe the taxman.
Your assets are seized and managed by an accountant specialising in insolvency.
He is not sure if he owes tax on this, but is meeting his accountant this week to discuss the issue.
The involvement of a qualified accountant in preparing these forecasts is recommended.
There are a number of types of accountant, with chartered accountants being among the best known.
The orientation of research and development staff is likely to differ from that of accountants .
More to the point, we are a nation of accountants , consultants and financial advisers.
If Hannibal had listened too long to his accountants , he might not have set off in the first place.