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accost / приставать, обращаться, обращаться к
molest, adhere, accost, worry, tease, trouble
appeal, address, treat, turn, handle, accost
обращаться к
turn to, speak to, apply to, accost
имя существительное
treatment, handling, circulation, appeal, address, accost
greeting, welcome, salute, salutation, hello, accost
approach and address (someone) boldly or aggressively.
reporters accosted him in the street
a man tried to accost the girl on her way to school
Everybody can stop e-mailing, IMing, and accosting me on the street: I had absolutely nothing to do with this.
THERE'S (yet another) famous family story about the time my parents went to a neighbourhood party and a woman accosted my mother over the punchbowl, raving about what a good listener my father was.
As she got off the plane in Belgium, she was accosted by reporters asking if she was taking anabolic steroids.
The larger London department stores are moving away from your more traditional Grotto based lap-sitting experiences and towards a more drive-by Santa encounter where the failed beardy actor accosts you on the shop floor.
It's not that I make a habit of accosting MPs in health food shops, it's just that I mistakenly believed I knew him.
Making my way through the train I was accosted by a very angry woman.
As he accosted parents outside a school in Rotherhithe with a final piece of canvassing yesterday afternoon, he predicted his party would get the most seats since 1923 and the biggest share of the vote since 1983.
His story begins in 1972 when Douglas was accosted at a bus stop in Edinburgh by two bolshie 12-year-olds.
It won't be long now until it will be no longer safe to walk the streets, without hoards of mad students in tartan trousers and kaftans accosting you with home made fliers.