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accordance / соответствие, предоставление, согласие
имя существительное
accordance, conformity, correspondence, concordance, accord, mapping
submitting, accordance
agreement, consent, harmony, accordance, accord, consensus
имя существительное
in a manner conforming with.
the product is disposed of in accordance with federal regulations
the product is disposed of in accordance with federal regulations
the ballot was held in accordance with trade union rules
The police in all three cases were acting in accordance with a policy not to knock before entry.
I try to pay in as much as I can every year in accordance with the rules on how much you can invest relative to your income.
Equally, we do not doubt that prosecuting counsel would have acted in accordance with their duty.
One way to determine this is to build a scale model in accordance with all the specifications.
The Commission will of course act in accordance with the law as declared by this Court.
The composition of the committee is the same as above, and the voting is in accordance with that in the Council.
The bear was passed to the museum, with a copy of Miss Doherty's note, in accordance with her wishes.
In fact it seemed to me that one could go further and say that if he had acted in accordance with a tenable view of the law he had not made a mistake.