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accomplished / опытный, завершенный, совершенный
имя прилагательное
experienced, experimental, skilled, proficient, expert, accomplished
completed, finished, finalized, accomplished, crowned, orbicular
perfect, complete, accomplished, ideal, perfective, consummate
имя прилагательное
highly trained or skilled.
an accomplished pianist
achieve or complete successfully.
the planes accomplished their mission
An accomplished classical pianist and a double first in Maths Physics, he was always a man apart.
Outside medicine he was an accomplished pianist and loved his garden and the nearby Lake District.
Gillen is a capable and accomplished coach, but he has struggled to recruit at Virginia.
Hugh is one of this country's finest song-writing talents and accomplished live performers.
An accomplished pianist, Edward Said wrote some of the most surprising and sharp essays on music.
Less accomplished students are able to work with an educational assistant.
The 12 th marquis was an accomplished jazz pianist and his elder son likes to chill out with his guitar.
He was an accomplished pianist and chess player, winning the Heart of America Competition in 1955.
These are some of the most intellectually accomplished Indian women of our time.
History is full of truly accomplished people who have expertise in many subjects.