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accomplish / выполнять, совершать, достигать
perform, carry out, fulfill, execute, do, accomplish
make, commit, perform, accomplish, effect, administer
reach, achieve, arrive, attain, obtain, accomplish
achieve or complete successfully.
the planes accomplished their mission
It's sailing history in the making and I find it amazing that she has managed to accomplish it.
I have been feeling pretty tired this week, but have managed to accomplish a lot of stuff.
This exhibit accomplishes the impossible - it makes thinking about voting methods fun.
Critical reading shows us not only the way our literature affects us, but also how it accomplishes this effect.
In the end, he accomplishes his mission, at the cost of shattering his own health and psyche.
They are dedicated to accomplishing the missions they were called to perform.
She accomplishes the tour de force of making us forget in what language this play is supposed to be, for she transcends locality.
In my view a change of leadership would give them a better chance of accomplishing it.
This third phase ended a year later, without accomplishing any of its objectives.
He spent twenty years in the Senate without accomplishing anything of significance.