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accompanist / аккомпаниатор
имя существительное
accompanist, comp
имя существительное
a person who provides a musical accompaniment to another musician or to a singer.
Rieger prefers being an accompanist to being a concert pianist.
He performed as a concert pianist and professional accompanist throughout the Midwest.
He's a nimble, accomplished soloist and a sensitive accompanist , capable of pastel washes, shimmering folky chords or juicy bop lines.
Vocalists and instrumentalists can use them to provide accompaniment if a live accompanist is not available which probably is most of the time.
He also has performed for many years as a chamber music pianist and piano accompanist with and for artists around the country.
This is an opera where the orchestra can become a partner to the singers rather than just an accompanist and the Chelsea Opera Group orchestra was on brilliant form.
He is an accompanist , songwriter and composer who works with choirs, vocal and ensembles.
He is better known as an accompanist than as a composer.
An accompanist does not merely follow the singer.
So it is a great thing for a singer to have an accompanist who knows singing from his own experience.
The late pianist, who died in 2002, was the ideal accompanist for many singers.