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accompaniment / сопровождение, аккомпанемент, дополнение
имя существительное
accompaniment, maintenance, escort, convoy, background
addition, complement, supplement, annex, addendum, accompaniment
имя существительное
a musical part that supports or partners a solo instrument, voice, or group.
she sang to a guitar accompaniment
something that is supplementary to or complements something else, typically food.
sugar snap peas make a delicious accompaniment for salmon
The soup was robust and fruity, fun and flavorful; the steak was seasoned and cooked perfectly, the Bernaise sauce a wickedly sinful accompaniment .
You can get talked into it as a chic accompaniment to smoked salmon.
For the most part, Tosti's songs were written for voice with piano accompaniment , and both Carreras and Heppner have been fortunate to work with sensitive arrangers.
A couple of minutes later, voices struck up an accompaniment to the drumbeat.
An 11-piece band graced the orchestra pit, very few touring companies can boast as many as that, and their accompaniment was very good.
Early on, Anna teaches us how to craft sublime roast potatoes that would have Gary Rhodes chewing his toque, and a lemony sponge cake requiring nothing more than a dusting of sugar and a cup of strong coffee by way of accompaniment .
she sang to a guitar accompaniment
sonatas for piano with violin accompaniment
Add Pedja Muzijevic's elegant and supportive piano accompaniment , and this is a Winterreise that repays an attentive ear and a watchful eye.
When students attempted to play the accompaniment to the artist's melody, they were hampered by not knowing the notes well enough.