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accommodating / вмещающий, любезный, услужливый
имя прилагательное
kind, dear, amiable, gracious, accommodating, polite
complaisant, obliging, accommodating, pleasing, prompt, accommodative
имя прилагательное
fitting in with someone's wishes or demands in a helpful way.
Many clubs will take newcomers eagerly to help build their numbers, and are normally very accommodating and helpful regardless of your skill level.
(of physical space, especially a building) provide lodging or sufficient space for.
the cabins accommodate up to 6 people
fit in with the wishes or needs of.
any language must accommodate new concepts
They are extremely accommodating and helpful, with no big hand out for tips.
We just hope that next time we want to hold a rally the parks authorities are more accommodating than they were last time.
A 28-year-old woman from Nigeria, who has spent the last two years living in Tralee, said she enjoys living in Kerry as the people are very accommodating and friendly.
Reef corals adapt to inhabitants both within and without in a most generous and accommodating way, creating and sustaining a rich variety of life.
He was a generous and accommodating host.
By the time I got to my confirmation hearing, all of the tough questions had been asked, and the senators were relatively gentle and friendly and very accommodating .
This town has been very accommodating and has more than fulfilled its obligations,’ he said.
The only obstacle was our reserve team fixture which was due to be played on the same day, but Grimsby Town were very accommodating and have agreed to a rescheduled game.
He's a pleasant and accommodating fellow to reporters, and he has a great sense of humor.
A pristine pool table and the friendliest and most accommodating of waitresses add to the attractions.