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accommodate / вмещать, приспосабливать, согласовывать
accommodate, hold, contain, house, receive, seat
fit, adapt, adjust, accommodate, fit in, gear
coordinate, harmonize, reconcile, accord, accommodate, dovetail
(of physical space, especially a building) provide lodging or sufficient space for.
the cabins accommodate up to 6 people
fit in with the wishes or needs of.
any language must accommodate new concepts
The local government has thus far built shelters to accommodate people from the area.
The chapel could only accommodate a fraction of the people and each mass was dedicated to all the victims.
The one issue they all agree on is that the work world must change to accommodate families.
The daguerreotypist was expected to accommodate the wishes of his clients.
The system cannot revolve around any one case, but must try to accommodate the needs of all cases.
Not for Mandarin, but for the other local languages it is designed to accommodate .
Certain other measures have been adopted to accommodate the claimant's wishes.
Meanwhile, new buildings on the four hectare site will accommodate another 60 flats.
making consumers accommodate to the realities of today's marketplace
making users accommodate to the realities of today's marketplace