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acclivity / подъем, пологий подъем, уклон
имя существительное
rise, lifting, lift, climb, ascent, acclivity
пологий подъем
skew, slope, bias, deviation, gradient, acclivity
имя существительное
an upward slope.
An acclivity that wasn't present before came up.
An acclivity that wasn't present before came up.
At the further extremity of this peninsula, the river again turns, and stretches in a long reach, between the white and < P 356 > towering cliffs of Lancaut, and the rich acclivities of Piercefield woods.
Here and there, towers were perched high up on acclivities which seemed almost inaccessible.
It was gregarious, and chiefly abounded on the acclivitous glades of the woods.
Deb and Lenny, Klaus und Inge, Marcel et Martine, all easing their t-shirted blubber in climate-controlled shopping, seemed to have jettisoned all thoughts of trekking the acclivitous hillside up the Via Tiberio to the Villa Jovis, high on the island's easternmost point.
His seat, Methven Castle, on a bold acclivitous rising-ground, 1 ¼ mile E of Methven village, is a stately baronial pile of 1680, with extensive modern additions.
The Nationals had the advantage of position, their lines projecting in wedge-form towards the Confederate centre, with steep rocky acclivities along their front.
Along the boundary lines of the county the country is more level, and the undulations more gradual, but in the central portion the acclivities are abrupt and high and the declivities sudden and deep.
If a contrivance could be devised to enable us to convert at will the wheels of the steam-carriage into magnets, we should be enabled to ascend and descend acclivities with great facility.
Stairway to the stars: Mechanical engineering student Alex Frakking caught this acclivitous view of the future Accelerator Centre building on the north campus the other night.