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acclimatize / акклиматизироваться, акклиматизировать, приспосабливаться
acclimate, acclimatize, naturalize, become acclimatized to
acclimate, acclimatize, denizen, domesticate, naturalize, season
fit, adapt, conform, fit in, suit, acclimatize
they acclimatized themselves before ascending Everest
it's unknown whether people will acclimatize to increasingly warm weather
To inculcate middle-class values and conduct into the rural poor and to acclimatize them to urban life, rules and expectations seems to take about that long once you get serious about it.
Several new studies point to evidence that some organisms with limited capacities to acclimatize to thermal or hydric change may be limited in their ability to survive future climate changes.
Our second decade in America, during the nineties, saw us emerge gradually from the initial struggle to acclimatize ourselves and establish a secure financial footing without Gerard's film work as one of our main sources of income.
It would allow me to gain a greater understanding of popular culture and help me acclimatize to society.
B. napus inflorescences were unable to acclimatize to the increased temperatures as seed production was inhibited throughout the HTS periods, regardless of the duration of the stress.
Athletes should be advised to acclimatize for at least three to four days before exerting in the heat.
You'll need to acclimatize yourself back to regular life again.
Most of his gear got stuck in the Vienna airport; when he got to Dhaulagiri to begin his acclimatization on September 26, he realized he had not brought enough food.
The first-order rate equation can be used under conditions where micro-organisms become acclimatized to the chemical and can actively use it.