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acclaim / приветствовать, шумно аплодировать, аплодировать
welcome, greet, salute, hail, acclaim, compliment
шумно аплодировать
applaud, clap, cheer, acclaim, chirrup
имя существительное
возгласы одобрения
acclaim, shouting
шумное приветствие
имя существительное
enthusiastic and public praise.
she has won acclaim for her commitment to democracy
praise enthusiastically and publicly.
the conference was acclaimed as a considerable success
Barbarian Invasions has won plaudits and critical acclaim in Canada and elsewhere.
The movie had won critical acclaim and is actually one of the few hits that Bollywood turned out this year so far.
He has achieved it without sponsorship, riches or public acclaim .
She has also won acclaim as a short story writer, with one of her collections being aired on TV as a prime time serial.
The novel won her international acclaim , earning her a Whitbread nomination.
The service comes six months after the fountain was opened to massive public acclaim .
He starred in the first festival in 1995, helping to win it national acclaim .
A North Yorkshire organisation which helps to steer young offenders away from a life of crime has won national acclaim .
Besides being a phenomenal success that set the cash registers ringing, it won critical acclaim too.
But how to convince those who regard it as an ugly and brutal activity that it merits wider public acclaim ?