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acceptor / акцептант, приемщик, тот, кто принимает
имя существительное
inspector, acceptor
тот, кто принимает
имя существительное
a person or thing that accepts something, in particular.
some micro-organisms can use oxygen as an electron acceptor
They compartmentalize terminal steps of anaerobic energy metabolism but, unlike mitochondria, hydrogenosomes cannot use oxygen as an electron acceptor ; they reduce protons to molecular hydrogen.
In this configuration, an excited donor has a higher probability to transfer its energy to a neighboring acceptor than to emit energy as fluorescence.
Nitrate ion has been shown to act as a terminal electron acceptor in the denitrification process in flooded soils and has been suggested to play a similar role in plants.
The donor must have fluorescent properties, whereas the acceptor does not necessarily fluoresce.
The accepted view of plant adaptation to low oxygen concentrations holds that below certain oxygen limits, plant cells cannot sustain respiration due to lack of an electron acceptor for the terminal oxidases.
Fret results from weak nonradiative coupling of two chromophores (acting as a donor and an acceptor , respectively) bound to the macromolecules.
The first step of the Calvin cycle is the addition of carbon dioxide to an acceptor molecule.
The holes likewise leave negative acceptor ions.
Every other electron that leaves the n region will likewise leave behind another positively charged acceptor ion.