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accepted / принятый, общепринятый, признанный
имя прилагательное
taken, received, accepted, initiate
common, conventional, accepted, standard, general, received
recognized, admitted, acknowledged, accepted, declared, established
имя прилагательное
generally believed or recognized to be valid or correct.
he wasn't handsome in the accepted sense
Once established, pejorative stereotypes can be invoked, commonly accepted prejudices played to.
Not all the caffeine drinks encountered in the course of European colonial expansion came to be accepted for consumption in Europe.
He was on about the long accepted military strategy of keeping the pressure on.
He just follows blindly to what others are doing, for the sake of being accepted .
Members of Parliament said the project would likely be accepted by the end of the week, the newspaper reported.
Routine questioning about domestic violence does not fulfil accepted principles for screening programmes.
You must have ancestral lineage, or be a convert, to be accepted .
Liddell & Scott's Greek Lexicon is a universally accepted standard among scholars.
Girard's fashionable idea concerning the scapegoat is not accepted uncritically.
The health of all Americans could benefit from the use of de-identified data to meet widely accepted public health objectives.