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accelerator / акселератор, ускоритель, катализатор
имя существительное
accelerator, accelerant
catalyst, catalyzer, accelerator, accelerant, contact
имя существительное
something that brings about acceleration, in particular.
The only part that punctures the picture is the pedal layout: the accelerator is set well below the brake, so you have to bring your right knee upwards when in search of rapid retardation.
When you come to a halt, the car cuts out after a few seconds to preserve energy; the engine then fires again when your foot returns to the accelerator .
You need to mix the cream bleach and powder accelerator together, and I found it easier to do on a saucer than the tiny plastic palette they provide.
If the driver floors the accelerator pedal, the controller delivers the full 96 volts from the batteries to the motor.
Easing the large accelerator pedal to the floor the car accelerates so smoothly yet with such pace.
There is lots of power but I found the accelerator and brake pedals were too close together.
This causes scission of an initiator molecule which produces free radicals in the presence of an aliphatic amine accelerator .
Driving is as easy as selecting a gear and pressing the accelerator pedal, which also tells the computer when to engage the clutch.
Rodinal uses potassium hydroxide as the accelerator and p-aminophenol as the sole developing agent.
So, I engaged the clutch and put my foot on the accelerator .