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acceleration / ускорение, акселерация, учащение
имя существительное
acceleration, boost, precipitation, pickup, jump, speed-up
имя существительное
increase in the rate or speed of something.
the acceleration of the industrialization process
What we call gravity, Newton showed was nothing more than a special type of acceleration .
But after just a minute of acceleration , it would be able to top out any vehicle ever built.
During acceleration the seat was pressing against your back because there was a net forward force.
No compromises on acceleration , towing capacity, cargo space, fuel economy, or emissions.
And yet the Charade's plucky 1.0 litre engine will deliver you the fastest acceleration and the best maximum speed available in this class of car.
The centripetal acceleration of this system rapidly became very high.
Einstein warmed to the idea that the gravitational field of the rest of the Universe might explain centrifugal and other inertial forces resulting from acceleration .
The Lorentz invariant applies to the four vectors: distance, velocity, acceleration and momentum.
I hope it will be the vehicle for acceleration in improvements in the railway system.
The first thing he recognized was that the forces we feel upon acceleration and the forces we feel when under the control of gravity are one and the same.