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accelerate / ускорять, ускоряться, разгонять
accelerate, speed up, speed, hasten, expedite, precipitate
accelerate, quicken
accelerate, disperse, scatter, drive away, dispel, chase
(of a vehicle or other physical object) begin to move more quickly.
the car accelerated toward her
inflation started to accelerate
The rate of advance of biotech is likely to accelerate to such an extent that many people who are alive right now will live to see aging become at first partially reversible.
This action causes the solar atmosphere to sizzle with high-energy X-rays and gamma rays and accelerate proton and electron particles into the solar system.
Why is it easier to accelerate an electron to a speed that is close to the speed of light, compared to accelerating a proton to the same speed?
The need for water investment keeps inexorably increasing and tends to accelerate as the deterioration of these systems advance.
This contribution is expected to increase as melting rates accelerate , though ultimately the added runoff is predicted to disappear as glaciers decline many decades from now.
Biotechnology will continue to advance and its rate of advance will accelerate .
These electrons accelerate in the electric field of the wake.
A sufficiently strong electric field can further accelerate these electrons.
inflation started to accelerate