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acanthus / акант, аканф, медвежья лапа
имя существительное
медвежья лапа
имя существительное
a herbaceous plant or shrub with bold flower spikes and spiny decorative leaves, native to Mediterranean regions.
Then our patch: some of it is paved, there is a frog pond, a fig tree, acanthus , bamboo and cranesbill.
a conventionalized representation of an acanthus leaf, used especially as a decoration for Corinthian column capitals.
The architectural ornament is of that easy and delectable kind which mimics nature: the acanthus leaves of Corinthian capitals, garlands and trophies in the manner of Wren and Grinling Gibbons.
At 23 centimetres high and weighing 3,500 grams the candlesticks are highly ornamental, their tripod bases standing on scallop shell supports, centred by vacant medallions within acanthus leaf foliage on a matted ground.
Its rich deep border was a riot of scrolling acanthus , shells and stylised fountains.
Like those of the eighteenth century, these ‘flowers and leaves’ were variations on irises, carnations, roses, and acanthus .
Along with the box - real and otherwise - are large terracotta pots of Chusan palms and acanthus , which can be moved around according to whim.
Abutilon, acanthus , and nandina provide a back-drop, and double impatiens and coleus add seasonal color.
Spray artichokes, cynara carduncularus, achillea, lavender, hydrangea, acanthus and eryngiums with snow, glitter or metallic paints available from DIY shops.
We took an acanthus flower from a popular Georgian wallpaper design and blew it up so large that a single flower filled an entire wall.
The wooden body is derived from models by Piranesi, including the cabriole legs ending in rams' heads on acanthus leaves and cloven-hoof feet.
Many wildflowers in the habitat belong to the acanthus family, including branched foldwing, Carolina scalystem, Carolina wild petunia, loose-flower water willow, and swamp twinflower.
The star lot is a striking mid-18th century Irish mahogany side table. The later rectangular marble top sits above a plain gadrooned frieze, the deep shaped apron centred by a grotesque mask flanked by scrolling acanthus .