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academic / академический, учебный, академичный
имя прилагательное
academic, academical, collegiate
training, educational, academic, school, instructional, practice
academic, academical
имя существительное
scientist, academic, scholar, savant, erudite, boffin
teacher, instructor, lecturer, professor, academic, reader
professor, prof, academic, Dryasdust
имя прилагательное
of or relating to education and scholarship.
academic achievement
not of practical relevance; of only theoretical interest.
the debate has been largely academic
имя существительное
a teacher or scholar in a college or institute of higher education.
Of greater significance was the conservative outlook of the University's academics .
On the other hand, they could be very selective admitting only those of the highest academic qualifications and achievements.
‘In the majority of cases, the moderators tend to come from the academic environment or the wealthier churches,’ he said.
Sander looked at the impact of Catholic grade school education on academic achievement.
However a debate has simmered for years as to whether journalism has improved with the welter of academic courses which produce hundreds of graduates each year.
This type of intervention does work in helping students meet short-term academic goals in the educational setting.
When it came to the academic environment, I was a natural.
That finding may be of more than academic interest.
However, in 1904 academic painting still dominated state-sponsored salons, and a world's fair art exhibition was inherently nationalistic.
Moving away from the academic environment was a shrewd move for Stoneham, who has trebled the amount of business she used to do at Oxford University.
P.S. This is an interesting read, but irritating when the academic writer makes patronising attempts to cater to an ‘ordinary’ audience.