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academia / жизнь и обстановка колледжа
имя существительное
жизнь и обстановка колледжа
имя существительное
the environment or community concerned with the pursuit of research, education, and scholarship.
he spent his working life in academia
We also need to create state run research organisations which partner with academia and industry.
The book ranges over countless topics, from the share market to academia to rail gauges.
My eventual entry into university and the to the margins of academia was much more circuitous.
Similar influences are at work in the arts, education, academia and especially in the sphere of politics.
he spent his working life in academia
I am a woman in science; should I expect to encounter sexism in my pursuit of academia ?
I took a stroll across the university campus, a compact woodland grove of academia .
Does perhaps the ridiculing of an area of academia bring the whole intellectual community into disrepute?
Youth is a rare species, and much loved - as much by art and academia as by market research.
How did a man who had no experience in academia get to be president of the college?