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academe / академическими кругами
научное сообщество
имя существительное
the academic environment or community; academia.
bridging the gap between industry and academe
Still, such practices in academe help legitimate the even more extreme forms now commonplace in corporate America.
Student privacy has always been a hot-button issue in academe , and faculty are often on the front lines of this debate.
bridging the gap between industry and academe
Furthermore, the goals and system of rewards in academe often appear conflicted.
THE GLASS CEILING is firmly intact in academe at the start of the twenty-first century.
I would go even further by suggesting that when gross imbalances exist they bespeak pathological symptoms in academe .
But when we consider the status of women in academe , we may confront not so much a myth as a glass half empty or half full.
We are not unique; the number of racial and ethnic minorities in academe is slowly increasing.
Significant changes are going to happen in academe regardless of what a faculty or an administration desires.
As a result, their decisions can sometimes disregard the values of academe .