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abyss / пропасть, бездна, пучина
имя существительное
abyss, precipice, gulf, chasm, deep, abysm
abyss, deep, chasm, gulf, profound, abysm
abyss, gulf, depth, profound, abysm, vortex
имя существительное
a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm.
a rope led down into the dark abyss
the abyss between the two nations
To me, death was a mysterious, dark, horrible thing that would catch you and drag you down into a deep abyss , away from everything and everyone you loved.
In the chill of the Arctic and Antarctic, as in the chill of the deep abyss , the sperm whale is warmed by what whalers call ‘the blanket’, which is eight inches of blubber.
The only thing that stands between us and the deep abyss of arbitrary executive power is the Rule of Law.
There is an abyss between such rhetoric and the world we actually live in, an abyss called power.
It is this crave for instant gratification, since decades ago, that ‘has taken the nation into the abyss of crisis’.
The trees outside camp appeared as dark pillars gating a primeval hell, where behind lay only an abyss , hiding the forms of carrion crying from its depths to break the stillness.
We slipped into the clear, seemingly bottomless aquamarine abyss to snorkel.
The abyss : Dante's hell is formed in the shape of an inverted cone whose point is at the center of the earth, which is the furthest place from God who is in the heavens.
The result, when successful, is a welcome bridging of the sometimes yawning abyss between writer and critic.