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abysm / бездна, пучина, пропасть
имя существительное
abyss, deep, chasm, gulf, profound, abysm
abyss, gulf, depth, profound, abysm, vortex
abyss, precipice, gulf, chasm, deep, abysm
the abysm from which nightmares crawl
the abysm from which nightmares crawl
Crystal reached her shaking hand and took it as if it was her last salvation before she falls in the abysm .
‘What she offered,’ notes the author, ‘in her most sensual, primitive, uncivilized and, from the standpoint of normal aesthetics, distasteful acts slipped over the brink - and she could take you with her - into the abysms of the sacred.’
For its self-referential abysms are only made darker by the thought that Rosemary Squires didn't pour her heart into this song: Irving Berlin did.