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abuzz / жужжащий, гудящий, деятельный
имя прилагательное
humming, abuzz
humming, abuzz
active, busy, effective, mercurial, humming, abuzz
имя прилагательное
filled with a continuous humming sound.
the room was abuzz with mosquitoes
The 50 stalls set up at the fair are abuzz with nervous activity.
Colleges are abuzz with technical and cultural competitions.
By game day, last Saturday, the town was abuzz with honest excitement.
The Promenade and Evesham Road will be abuzz with the sound of traffic patiently making its way to the racecourse.
The regional Centre for Arts and Culture was abuzz with artistic activity.
After the dance, the room is abuzz , and the wired participants discuss their newly acquired mini-choreographies.
Who can focus, in newsrooms abuzz with today's excitements, on last month's story, which is not going to be exclusive anyway?
All around me white and yellow flowering acacia trees are abuzz with bees, wasps, and colorful cetoniid beetles.
Every possible road over the County bounds into Tipperary will be abuzz from early morning on Sunday next as the mass exodus to Thurles begins.
The grumblings stopped, and soon, the city was abuzz with excitement.