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abundance / изобилие, множество, избыток
имя существительное
abundance, plenty, galore, fertility, wealth, exuberance
multiplicity, plurality, variety, multitude, plenty, abundance
excess, surplus, abundance, glut, overflow, overabundance
имя существительное
a very large quantity of something.
the tropical island boasts an abundance of wildlife
vines and figs grew in abundance
White is for purity and red signifies abundance and fertility.
What I did find, however, were many clothing and footwear establishments that cater mainly for young people - especially for women, for whom choice would appear to be in abundance .
The observed differences in phenotypes amongst different lines and within lines are intriguing and may reflect differences in protein abundance and stability in different cell types.
The Christmas tree is included in the exhibition as a symbol of fruitfulness and abundance in the house.
The bid of abundance in trumps is only used to overcall another player's bid of abundance .
You'll find it in abundance back in Aarhus, which has hosted a festival every year since 1965 to celebrate love and human relationships.
The Internet has now delivered us into an era of unprecedented artistic abundance and the promise of direct connectivity between artists and their audience.
There was help in abundance with Mayo Mountain Rescue being joined by a number of teams from around the country.
the tropical island boasts an abundance of wildlife