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abstruse / заумный, глубокомысленный, трудный для понимания
имя прилагательное
abstruse, sage
трудный для понимания
abstruse, abstract, recondite, impalpable, cramp
имя прилагательное
difficult to understand; obscure.
an abstruse philosophical inquiry
Reform of British institutions, like national health and education, are simply too abstruse for most Americans to understand.
Newman's passion for abstruse matters of theology strikes Wilson as escapism or worse.
The language is abstruse and esoteric, almost incomprehensible, the ‘discourse’ inaccessible except to the initiates.
He was a singularly modest man with a passion for accuracy and a gift for the lucid exposition of difficult and abstruse problems.
And he covers what could be fairly abstruse philosophical questions in a remarkably clear and simple way.
Josh's mind boggled in the futile effort to penetrate the abstruse complexity of an esoteric form of thinking that was altogether foreign to him.
These analyses have varied from abstruse academic works at one end to crude ‘how to get rich quick by writing a novel’ manuals at the other.
Now, this is not an abstruse philosophical distinction that we are seeking to make.
Similarly astronauts, today's counterpart of the pioneer ocean-crossers of yesteryear, seem by no means youthful and tend to have doctorates in the most abstruse subjects.
The catchy title and cover art attracted many to a tome that otherwise would have been considered way too abstruse to bother with.