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abstract / абстрактный, отвлеченный, реферативный
имя прилагательное
abstract, abstractive, discrete, noetic, transcendental, nonobjective
abstract, notional, abstractive, discrete
имя существительное
abstraction, abstract
resume, summary, abstract, brief, synopsis, recap
abstract, prescind
summarize, recap, sum up, brief, abstract, recapitulate
extract, retrieve, derive, recover, benefit, abstract
имя прилагательное
existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.
abstract concepts such as love or beauty
имя существительное
a summary of the contents of a book, article, or formal speech.
an abstract of his inaugural address
an abstract work of art.
a big unframed abstract
that which is abstract; the theoretical consideration of something.
the abstract must be made concrete by examples
consider (something) theoretically or separately from something else.
to abstract science and religion from their historical context can lead to anachronism
extract or remove (something).
applications to abstract more water from streams
make a written summary of (an article or book).
staff who index and abstract material for an online database
Lyrics are abstract and often inscrutable, but powerful images sometime fight through the verbal and instrumental haze.
Like Borges, his writing examines the consequences of abstract theories in the physical world.
Sitor, according to Nirwan, often achieves this by using abstract nouns.
It will be easier at this time to put abstract ideas into concrete form.
For a longer piece of work, you would have the luxury to break down the symbols further and make those symbols interact in a more abstract manner, which will boost the power of the sigil.
My political culture is empirical rather than abstract .
If one wanted to abstract a general rule from the affair it might well be ‘to make a building look effeminate, trashy and like something out of Disneyworld, be sure to add banded pink stripes’.
Potokar's poetry seems rather abstract , at times cryptic, but at the same time palpable and relentless in its attempt to fight despair and solitude.
The pace is languid and events too abstract to be a children's movie, yet corny stunts alienate mature viewers.
Her work is abstract , using geometrical shapes subtly arranged and typically painted in soft colours.