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abstention / воздержание, воздержанность, неучастие в голосовании
имя существительное
abstinence, abstention, abstaining, continence, abstinency, self-restraint
forbearance, abstention, chastity
неучастие в голосовании
abstention, abstention from voting
имя существительное
an instance of declining to vote for or against a proposal or motion.
a resolution passed by 126 votes to none, with six abstentions
the fact or practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something; abstinence.
alcohol consumption versus abstention
The disquieting voices of the few people who doubted that complete abstention was achievable for most problematic consumers were drowned out in a sea of treatment optimism.
Fasting or abstention from sex is a cakewalk compared to it.
But again, this would only be true if Crusoe's saving - i.e. his abstention from possible present consumption - had been channeled into investment in such tools.
They started by studying men and women at all levels of drinking from abstention to those in detox for full-blown alcohol problems.
Existing treatments for alcoholism tend to concentrate either on abstention - sometimes aided by drugs - or the use of aversion therapy, such as drugs that make you ill if you drink.
alcohol consumption versus abstention
alcohol consumption versus abstention
The US will therefore be able to find a majority of positive votes with a few abstentions .
The lopsided vote for Libya, including all those cowardly European abstentions , speaks volumes about the UN's character.
A motion passed overwhelmingly with no votes against and two abstentions was proposed jointly by Labour and the Conservatives.