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absorption / поглощение, всасывание, абсорбция
имя существительное
absorption, uptake, absorbing, intake, adsorption, merger
suction, absorption, intake, sucking, suck, absorbing
имя существительное
the process or action by which one thing absorbs or is absorbed by another.
East Germany's absorption into West Germany
the fact or state of being engrossed in something.
her absorption in the problems of the Third World
Its molded cushioning cradles my foot for maximum shock absorption .
But milk appeared to inhibit the antioxidant potential of the flavonoids, reducing their absorption into the bloodstream.
her absorption in the problems of the Third World
People with high-arches tend to require greater shock absorption .
His absorption with the world of advertising and the intricacies associated with it find dominant echoes in his works.
Eventually Tocqueville's single-minded absorption in French affairs will lead him away from America altogether.
Wilder captures the childlike adoration of the father and absorption in the way the world works.
Persecution and absorption into popular Christianity served to cut short many pagan religious practices.
Cholesterol taken up by bacterial cells in the intestine is unlikely to be available for absorption into the blood.
It turns out that absorption in his work had left him no time for children, hobbies, or close friendships.