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absorbent / абсорбент, поглотитель, всасывающее вещество
имя существительное
absorber, absorbent, dope, catcher
всасывающее вещество
имя прилагательное
absorbent, absorbing
absorbing, absorbent, absorptive, adsorbing
suction, intake, sucking, absorbing, absorptive, absorbent
имя прилагательное
(of a material) able to soak up liquid easily.
drain on absorbent paper towels
имя существительное
a substance or item that soaks up liquid easily.
There was a bit of a leak from the tanker so we put absorbents down to soak up the spillage, of about half a litre, and put a barrier up around the vehicle.
For successful printing, you need paint of the right consistency (not too thick, not too thin), absorbent paper and plenty of newspaper to cover your floors!
This drying technique involves the use of an absorbent which desiccates the rose by transferring the moisture from the petals to another medium.
Lining the jambs between the inner and outer window with a soft, absorbent material such as felt will result in even greater noise reduction.
The second is as an industrial absorbent of heavy metals in soil and water.
Some furnishings are made of absorbent materials that make them ‘sinks’ for other pollutants.
Two poly-GaN UV sensors were set under a display window consisting of a thin methylmethacrylate plate without a UV absorbent .
I don't know the technical term, but it is kitty litter and acts as an absorbent for your skin's oils.
Licata is currently concentrating on feather fiber's unusually high potential as an absorbent of heavy metals.
The absorbent article includes a liquid permeable cover, a liquid-impermeable baffle and an absorbent enclosed by the cover and the baffle to form a pad.
If necessary, wipe your lens with a dry, lint-free absorbent cloth.