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absorbed / поглощенный, абсорбированный, захваченный
имя прилагательное
absorbed, engrossed, engaged, immersed, rapt, deep
absorbed, engrossed
captured, seized, absorbed, thrilled
имя прилагательное
intensely engaged; engrossed.
she sat in an armchair, absorbed in a book
take in or soak up (energy, or a liquid or other substance) by chemical or physical action, typically gradually.
buildings can be designed to absorb and retain heat
engross the attention of (someone).
the work absorbed him and continued to make him happy
How could it be any different when Murray is so absorbed by life in control of Rangers?
Somehow some part of her interacted with the world outside her absorbed mind, giving half comments in reply to Adam, barely aware of his comings and goings.
Calypso hung her head as if absorbed by the address in her fist.
Jan and Anna remain relatively two-dimensional characters because this novel is an absorbed study of the masculine mind.
In the center of the court, Sara unselfconsciously peeled off her street clothes to total, absorbed silence.
Fisher took no notice and continued his absorbed interest in what was going on.
Completely absorbed , Rolando glided across the dance floor with her in his arms.
The youth, still carrying the regiment's colors, was an absorbed spectator.
She describes her father as similarly absorbed as she was growing up.
The guys had come in earlier to go to bed, but in my absorbed state of mind, the moment seemed to fizzle away into the realms of my mind where factual and fictional seemed to be one and the same.