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absolve / освобождать, отпускать, прощать
rid, free, exempt, release, loose, absolve
let go, release, dismiss, loosen, absolve, set loose
forgive, pardon, excuse, remit, overlook, absolve
set or declare (someone) free from blame, guilt, or responsibility.
the pardon absolved them of any crimes
On Good Friday, continental Europeans commemorate that Christ was crucified and died to absolve our sins and give us eternal salvation.
Zoë, as loving in her death as she was in her life, tried to absolve her family from guilt.
What lay chaplains cannot do is say Mass, anoint the sick, and absolve sin after confession.
she asked the bishop to absolve her sins
Readying ourselves for conventional war does not, however, absolve us from undertaking a major transformation in the way we think about, and conceive of, the use of military force.
At the same time, the right to free speech does not absolve us from our duty to behave responsibly.
Ignorance does not absolve you from the rule of law you know.
Instead he sent a message of support paying tribute to those who took part in the dispute and added: ‘I was proud to be part of it and I know that history will absolve us.’
Maybe it will absolve you from legal liability in an American court of law, but the moral responsibility remains because you are unsure if your users are lying about their ages.
I've recently learned that I will soon be leaving this world, so I must absolve my sins in the short time I have remaining in order to gain my acceptance into Heaven.