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absolution / отпущение грехов, прощение, освобождение
имя существительное
отпущение грехов
absolution, indulgence, shrift, remittal
forgiveness, pardon, remission, absolution, mercy, amnesty
release, liberation, exemption, emancipation, relief, absolution
имя существительное
formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment.
A review of some of the most noteworthy pardons in American history reveals a colorful assortment of Presidential absolutions .
When, after an absence of eight years, he attempts to heal the rift with his three daughters, each girl demands a different absolution from him.
Using an excellent anecdotal storytelling style, Forest goes on to portray the concepts of sin, confession, forgiveness, and absolution and includes actual confessions sent to him.
In September 1585, Henry received absolution from the pope, Clement VIII and Mayenne submitted to the king in October 1595.
Through our open admission of our sins, the priest's absolution , and the acts of penance, we can know God's healing.
While faith can act like a shock absorber during grief and provide you with an eternal perspective as you struggle to make sense of your life, it does not offer immunity from sorrow or absolution from questioning what you believe.
I always feel that when people ask this question or try to seek justification for having an affair, they are, at some level, seeking absolution from others.
Furthermore, annual confession had been made obligatory in 1215 at the Fourth Lateran Council so that a priest had an opportunity to talk privately to the penitents and to correct errors as well as giving them absolution for their sins.
They favored the use of general absolution and found that the practice of private confession encouraged scrupulosity.
The Friar gives absolution for sins in exchange for money and flirts with the prettiest wives.
This predisposes us to believe the worst of ourselves and others, and to seek, not a resolution to problems, but an absolution from sin.