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absent-minded / рассеянный
имя прилагательное
dispelled, dispersed, dissipated, diffuse, distracted, disseminated
имя прилагательное
(of a person or a person's behavior or manner) having or showing a habitually forgetful or inattentive disposition.
an absentminded smile
About £2 million worth of winning tickets have gone unclaimed by absent-minded Essex players.
Tal sighed: no one would ever let him forget how absent-minded he could be.
Dennis, a former welder at York's carriage works, has found six handbags in his seven years of taxi driving not to mention numerous expensive cameras, all of which have been returned to their absent-minded owners.
This is no absent-minded professor, lost in the world of abstraction.
An absent-minded businessman who left a bag containing £10,000 on the roof of his car yesterday offered a £1,000 reward for its return.
It was one of the old-fashioned services which helped absent-minded customers avoid the risk of driving without insurance.
He was a bit absent-minded and he used to leave his door open now and again.
Right now I'm reading Good Night, Gorilla, a gripping tale about the adventures of an absent-minded zookeeper.
Even though the card would probably not help catch a single villain, it would criminalise many thousands of absent-minded , forgetful and inefficient people.
The latter-day St. George yearns to rescue the daughter of an absent-minded aristocrat who lives in a castle but who fancies himself a gardener.