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absence / отсутствие, недостаток, неявка
имя существительное
absence, lack, failure, default, miss, penury
lack, drawback, flaw, deficiency, shortage, absence
absence, non-appearance, default
имя существительное
the state of being away from a place or person.
the letter had arrived during his absence
Almost half were with their parents, who made some excuses for their absence .
However, in her absence , I'll just have to make do with thinking about it myself.
On Wednesday night, there was a clear demonstration of the effect that absence has on colleagues.
I supervised the rehearsal in the absence of the director
she's back after a year-long absence from school
the letter had arrived during his absence
He explained his absence by telling all concerned he was going into hospital for three weeks for an operation.
He later admitted in a press conference yesterday that his absence was intentional.
It alerts the employee's manager and supplies statistics about absence to the council.
Yet in a play that explores spiritual emptiness, the sense of absence is strangely appropriate.