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abscess / абсцесс, нарыв, гнойник
имя существительное
abscess, boil, blain, gathering, white-head
abscess, gathering
имя существительное
a swollen area within body tissue, containing an accumulation of pus.
Surgery may be necessary to drain abscesses , debride infected tissue, or stabilize the spine and relieve spinal cord compression.
The neurologist who examined her found and drained an epidural abscess from the lumbar region.
one of his priorities as prime minister was to lance the abscess of corruption
A history of fever, chills or urinary tract infection suggests an infected cyst or an abscess .
In order to treat a tooth with an abscess your dentist will drain the abscess to release the pressure and relieve pain.
It was felt the likely cause of the abscess was an open lesion from the patient's severe eczema.
A more complicated operation is needed to drain an abscess from inside the body.
Symptoms often depend on whereabouts in the body the abscess occurs.
Your GP will normally prescribe oral antibiotics to fight the infection before an abscess has a chance to develop.
Abscesses can be differentiated from brain tumours because abscesses tend to have smoother edges.
Three cases involved a septic knee joint, and two patients developed subcutaneous abscesses .