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abroad / за границей, за границу, повсюду
за границей
abroad, overseas, across the border, oversea
за границу
abroad, overseas, oversea
everywhere, throughout, all over, overall, far and wide, abroad
имя существительное
abroad, foreign countries
in or to a foreign country or countries.
we usually go abroad for a week in May
in different directions; over a wide area.
millions of seeds are annually scattered abroad
wide of the mark; in error.
имя существительное
foreign countries considered collectively.
servicemen returning from abroad
The OED gives, ‘When a nation is in the throes of revolution, wild spirits are abroad in the storm.’
few people ventured abroad from their warm houses
So the Lord scattered them abroad from that place upon the face of all the earth.
Meanwhile, Caroline's Rainbow Foundation - the charity set up by Marjorie to help backpackers planning to go abroad - is set to launch its own educational video.
His informal style of speech and amicable personality, combined with professional experience at home and abroad make him a distinctive figure in contemporary Japan.
Today, students applying to SFU from abroad face differential fees amounting to as much as three times the tuition paid by domestic students.
The total amount of direct investment from abroad totals $11.5 billion, compared to $43 billion for China.
con artists abroad on the streets of the town
When a nation faces deadly attacks on its citizens at home and abroad , it is only reasonable to expect that its leaders will take appropriate measures to increase security.
I believe it a positive development when people from abroad buy land in a country, it can help economically.