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abridge / ограничивать, сокращать, урезать
limit, restrict, confine, constrain, restrain, abridge
cut, reduce, shrink, abbreviate, contract, abridge
cut, cut down, curtail, skimp, truncate, abridge
shorten (a book, movie, speech, or other text) without losing the sense.
the cassettes have been abridged from the original stories
curtail (rights or privileges).
even the right to free speech can be abridged
No state could abridge those privileges or immunities, or deny any person due process or the equal protection of the law.
Does it matter to you if the book you read is abridged or unabridged?
For example, according to the First Amendment, Congress shall make no law abridging free speech.
My necessarily abridged synopsis of the play does a complicated and layered work little justice, so you'll have to just take my word that this is a masterful production that has it all.
He shows the hand of a skilled theatrical abridger at work, surgically excising flowery and purple ‘literary’ material, and reworking the remainder for the benefit of players and playgoers.
The BBC say that this will be done ‘with our usual sensitivity’ by ‘highly experienced abridgers ’.
Even when the permanent Victoria Theatre opened at Sydney in 1838, its operatic productions were at first brutally abridged , translated, and arranged with music more easily at hand.
Edward E. Ericson, Jr., is a professor of English at Calvin College, and a Solzhenitsyn scholar who abridged The Gulag Archipelago in cooperation with the author.
Oh, and I also put to bed today the final few pages of an adapted-for-children-and-language-learners version of Autour de la Lune, by Jules Verne before the abridger got his hands on it.
For a host of less well-known Scottish actors, and for the abridgers , including the writers of this article, Storyline has been an important source of work and income.