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abrasion / истирание, ссадина, трение
имя существительное
abrasion, attrition, wear, abrading, seizing
abrasion, scratch, excoriation, raw, chafe, erosion
friction, abrasion, rubbing, rub, attrition, chafing
имя существительное
the process of scraping or wearing away.
the metal is resistant to abrasion
The media are long wearing and highly resistant to abrasion .
Seliger's labor-intensive techniques of accretion and abrasion often mimic geologic processes.
This requires a precise process: too much abrasion will weaken the joints and cause premature device failure.
The lifeline is a long, heavy, braided rope that is resistant to abrasion , sunlight, and moisture.
Thermoplastic tips have generally shown good resistance to abrasion and corrosion, but may vary in wear life depending on the specific material used to mold the tips.
This special elastomer is available in various properties of hardness and toughness and is resistant to abrasion .
Hardfacing applies a coating for the purpose of reducing wear or loss of material by abrasion , impact, erosion, oxidation, cavitations, etc.
The intraarticular implant fragments may lead to gradual chondral injury secondary to abrasion of the articular surfaces.
They are resistant to abrasion and grease, and have good hardness.
Geological evidence for precipitation, erosion, mechanical abrasion and other fluvial activity says that the physical processes shaping Titan are much the same as those shaping Earth.