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abrade / истирать, обдирать, шлифовать
abrade, strip, scrape, fleece, rush, rook
grind, polish, abrade, cut, smooth, rub down
scrape or wear away by friction or erosion.
a landscape slowly abraded by a fine, stinging dust
She stayed longer than usual in the shower, wishing for the rushing hot needles of water to abrade her skin and erode the still-vivid impressions of his touch.
Communal life can abrade some of the rough edges of a person, the monks agreed, but in communal living you also learn surprising things about yourself.
This means that the sand is lightly abrading the concrete surface.
They are composed of either particles or physical abraders such as sandpaper, steel wool, scrubbing pads, etc.
At such high revs, the pistons will be doing a super job of abrading the cylinder walls.
In general, however, cuticular development is not usually impaired, although the leaf surface may become abraded by the action of wind and wind-borne particles.
By the final moments, cometary dust will have abraded the camera's optics, degrading the quality of the images, and possibly ending transmission.
In the 1950s, hand scrubbing required the use of rough brushes with stiff bristles that abraded the skin and frequently increased bacterial counts.
Approximately 5 to 10 mg of powder was drilled from each tooth after the surface had been abraded to remove possible contamination.
Nothing had gotten past them, but the lenses were badly abraded by the hurtling glass particles from the bullet-pierced windshield.