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abracadabra / абракадабра, бессмыслица, заклинание
имя существительное
abracadabra, Jabberwocky, Jabberwocks
nonsense, drivel, abracadabra, haver, Jabberwocks, Jabberwocky
spell, incantation, mantra, invocation, conjuration, abracadabra
имя существительное
language, typically in the form of gibberish, used to give the impression of arcane knowledge or power.
I get so fed up with all the mumbo jumbo and abracadabra
a word said by magicians when performing a magic trick.
The fairy moved her magic stick and - abracadabra !
All you have to do here is go to your stove, put in a cabbage, wiggle your nose and, abracadabra !
Lo and behold, (and abracadabra too), it worked!
The fairy moved her magic stick and - abracadabra !
Essentially an electronic book, it contains over 400 definitions and essays, from abracadabra to zombies.
A person who is unaware of the phenomenon of magnetism could be fooled by a magician who presents lodestone as a ‘magic rock,’ perhaps as a formerly ordinary rock made magical by saying the word abracadabra .
Too many occasions ruined by intrusive waiters demanding that you shut up and listen to them describe what you are about to eat before you eat it, too many orchestrated removals of silver covers - abracadabra , hocus pocus!
She actually thought I meant to wave a wand and say abracadabra !
But before you could say abracadabra the project hit the rocks and CTI was lucky to even get an album's worth of material out of the studio.
It was on account of the Fed chairman's abracadabra that we were all rolling around drunk with wealth, tossing greenbacks in the air in nouveau riche ecstasy.
If you you're a wizard… you can always use your abracadabra to make orange juice!