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abound / изобиловать, быть в большом количестве, иметь в большом количестве
abound, teem, bristle, be replete, flow, exuberate
быть в большом количестве
иметь в большом количестве
abound, roll in
exist in large numbers or amounts.
rumors of a further scandal abound
rumours of a further scandal abound
In some situations, the declines are so gentle that arguments abound as to whether a bear market really existed at all.
rumors of a further scandal abound
Doom abounds but the trawl for positives has to begin somewhere.
Seeing that fewer than half the EU electorate picked these MEP characters, is it any wonder that apathy abounds ?
Storage space abounds inside with the new fascia boasting a central lidded storage box plus two glove boxes on the passenger side.
Now, here is a lady whose charms are abounding and abiding.
Scepticism abounds , yet even the police agree there's something out there.
Cold winds from the west in the heart of a warm day bring warning of abounding evil.
The book abounds with learning and intelligent writing.